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Welcome to my digital resume and portfolio. This website contains information any future employer should know. My resume describes the skills I have, and my portfolio pieces exhibit those skills. To learn more about me, please look around my website!

Communication Skills

Communication is an important aspect of my life, and my communication skills have been strengthened by various classes and organizations.

Creative Design

Through software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver, I have been able to create my personal website, logo, magazine and much more.

Brand Management

As a rising senior, I am understanding the importance of building my personal brand. By creating a website and various portfolio pieces, I have been able to strengthen my personal brand as an aspiring public relations professional.

Professional Experience

My professional experiences have ranged from interning for a U.S. Congressman to interning at a local chamber of commerce.

What I have learned from creating this website are skills that will never leave me. I have spent hours studying HTML and CSS coding in order to design my website. Along with creating this website, I created a blog that showcases my stories that were published on Auburn Family and Extension Daily. Both have taught me how to effectively use Wordpress and search engine optimization.


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