Explore my student and professional side. My resume contains anything and everything that will help further my career in public relations. By working hard in the classroom, I prove how hardworking I am in campus involvement. Because of this, I have been given incredible professional experiences off campus to further broaden my public relations knowledge. My dedication to my school work, campus involvement and various internships foreshadows my dedication to any job I acquire.

My education page describes what I have learned at Auburn University as well as the classes I have taken. I also explain how I chose my major and the experiences I have had through certain major classes.

My experience page explains the internships that I have had in Birmingham, Troy and Auburn. Through internships, I apply what I have learned in the classroom but gain experience that I would never have in the classroom. I have loved the internships that I have had, and I look forward to broadening my public relations experience.

My activities page discusses the two main activities I participate in outside of school. I am a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, and since I have no leadership role within the sorority, I view it as an activity. Outside of school, I spend most my time staying involved with First Baptist Church of Opelika, whether I am attending a church service or eating dinner with a local family.

My involvement page gives examples of how my involvement with certain campus organizations will help my public relations career. As president of one of those organizations, I have been given the incredible opportunity to practice my leadership skills as well.

My skills page talks about the various skills I have acquired over the years. I gained these skills through classes, internships and involvement. Some of the communication skills are natural skills I have always had, but they have been strengthened through various experiences.

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