Explore my top activities.


My main activities outside of school involve my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, and my church, First Baptist Church of Opelika.

Alpha Gamma Delta

In Alpha Gam, we host a philanthropy event each semester to raise funds and awareness to fight food insecurity across America. In the fall, we host “Wing Jam,” which is a battle of the bands and wing eating event. The chapter sells food and admission tickets as well as time slots for bands to perform.

In the spring, we partnered with a fraternity who promotes the same philanthropy. Together, we hosted "Cookout for a Cure." We also sold food and admission tickets. Friends enjoyed burgers and live music. Instead of a battle of the bands, there was a corn hole competition. It was a perfect tailgate-like event.

Each year, we have a week of service where the entire chapter volunteers with local food pantries across Lee County as a way to give back to the community and support our philanthropy.

Through Alpha Gam, I have been able to meet women who are different from me. Because of this, it has equipped me with communication skills on how to relate to people with various types of interests and backgrounds.

First Baptist Church of Opelika

First Baptist Church of Opelika is an off-campus activity that I devote the most time to outside of school. I started attending when I was a freshman. It was the church I went to my first Sunday in Auburn, and I fell in love with the college ministry.

Every spring break, the college ministry plans and takes a group of about 300 people to Port St. Joe and Apalachicola, Florida. During the week, everyone is split into groups to work on a construction team or participate in community outreach.

By working on construction teams my freshman and junior year, I learned the importance of project organization, planning, delegation and communication. Of course, I was not the construction leader, but I was able to help the leader communicate what needed to be done and delegate work to different groups. I was also able to communicate to the homeowners exactly what we were working on as well as our timeline.

During Amplify of my sophomore year, I was on the food team. Leading up to the trip, we were in charge of organizing, ordering, packing, delivering and preparing the various meals and snacks during the week. We kept an inventory of the food supply in each house, and we made lunch for each group every morning. We worked with local parks to have block parties during the week as well as local restaurants to cater those parties. It was a great way to work behind the scenes of a major trip involving hundreds of people.