Food Insecurity Across Alabama


Canned food drives are something I have always been passionate about promoting, but I never understood the depth of the drive or the need for food across Alabama and the United States until I was in college. Currently, I am involved with a sorority on Auburn University’s campus, and our philanthropy is to raise funds and awareness for food insecure individuals and families. That’s what inspired me to make this infographic.

At the beginning of the infographic, I made sure to cite where the following information was taken from in hopes that people would follow the link to continue their own research.

Throughout this infographic, statistics and other information are expressed regarding hunger in Alabama as well as the United States. For the statistics portion, I chose the human icon to symbolize people, and I chose the book icon to symbolize food insecure children because of the negative effects hunger can have on a child’s performance in school.

At the end, there is a call to action for people wanting to make a difference and continue to fight food insecurity. I strategically gave the URL for Feeding America, so readers could easily find a food pantry near them. The money icon was placed next to the call to action to remind readers that the giving of their own resources is another way to give back instead of volunteering.

All in all, this infographic is clean and simple. I chose a lighter shade of green as the background color to symbolize food and hunger. The title is white, so it can stand out, but the remainder of the text is black, so it is easy to read.

This infographic was made using Canva, which is an online designing website, where things such as infographics, posters, flyers, etc. can be made.

To view the PDF version, click here.

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