Organizations shape students.


University Programs Council-Public Relations Committee

University Programs Council, UPC, at Auburn University is a student-led organization that puts on free events for students whether that be a movie night, concert or carnival on the green space on campus. I had the privilege of being on the public relations committee. As a team, we promoted, attended and took pictures for all UPC events. This experience taught me the basics of using public relations to promote different events on social media.

Student Eminent Society

For the past year, I have been a member of Student Eminent Society. The people selected for the organization act as ambassadors and hosts for the College of Liberal Arts. We attend all theater events and major College of Liberal Arts awards and recruiting events. We also attend other small-scale events such as tailgates, college information sessions and War Eagle Days. Throughout the semester, Student Eminent Society is requested to work several other College of Liberal Arts events.

Recently, the organization has started working closely with the college recruiter. Along with being an ambassador, we have also started to become recruiters. Each week, we have call nights, in which members call prospective students and invite them to come to the weekly information session about degrees within the College of Liberal Arts. Along with call nights and information sessions, we now work Tiger for a Day, Talons Day and War Eagle Day events.

This year, I have the honor of being Student Eminent Society President. As president, I organize all meetings and oversee the executive officers as they perform their assigned roles. I also delegate work to my executive officers as needed. With my organizational duties, I act as a liaison among the members, the organization advisor, the College of Liberal Arts recruiter and other on-campus organizations.


PRSSA stands for Public Relations Student Society of America. Within this organization, we broaden our knowledge of public relations by encouraging mentorships, meeting with public relations professionals and attending workshops to better our professional expertise.