Social Media Release

U.S. Congressman Gary Palmer

Behind the Release

The social media release I created is based on real events and facts about U.S. Congressman Gary Palmer. This event was easy to write because of my previous internship with Congressman Palmer in which I gained knowledge about his political platform. The town hall had already taken place by the time the social media release was written, and the topics discussed were made up based on his committee involvement and popular topics in politics today. Hypothetically, this would have been released about a week before the meeting.

In order to give local media outlets a chance to advertise this event, this social media release covers when and where the event will take place, and it shares some background information about what will be discussed during the meeting. Photos, quotes and other facts about U.S. Congressman Gary Palmer are also provided for advertisement. The photos I chose depict his leadership and dedication to his country and his constituents, so it would encourage people to attend. All photos used in the release are from his Facebook page.

Everything in the release is strategically chosen in order to have control of what is advertised, so constituents can know information about the event directly from his office.

Please look at the document below to find out more information.

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