The results of learning.


To be eligible to apply for a public relations degree at Auburn University, a prospective public relations major must take a class called Journalism Fundamentals. A student must make an 83 or higher to pass the class. In this class, AP style was drilled into my brain forever as well as spelling common words, choosing correct word usage and writing concisely. Through classes and internships, I have been given more than enough opportunities to practice my writing skills.

By creating a website, I have learned how to use Adobe software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver and InDesign. Photoshop was used to create my personal logo and change the sizes of my images in order to properly place them on my website. To create my magazine and interactive PDF, I used InDesign. Throughout the process of editing HTML, I have used Dreamweaver and Text Wrangler.

I have gained experience in event planning through my internship with the Pike County Chamber of Commerce. The organization of the community browse at Troy University for parents of incoming freshmen involved strategic planning. Businesses that would benefit the student were invited to attend. Leading up to the events, I was consistently communicating with the businesses and the university making sure everything was in order before the first session. Throughout the eight sessions, I acted as the liaison between the businesses and the university. I made sure the businesses were satisfied with each event, and I also made sure the university’s recommendations were executed.

Communication is the most important part of any organization, business or relationship. With the many experiences throughout my life, my communication skills have flourished. Naturally, I say what needs to be said, and with my strong interpersonal communication skills, I try to relate and connect with people in any type of setting.