Strategic Communication

Political Campaign


For my strategic communication class, our group was assigned to conduct a strategic political campaign for a hypothetical politician, or client. For this project, we decided to conduct a re-election campaign for the mayor of Auburn.


The incumbent, Mayor Ben Wyatt, has lost touch with his citizens, and as election time rolls around, he is running against someone for the first time since he became mayor in 2002. His campaign is centered on gaining back the trust and building relations with his citizens.


Auburn residents are the main audience. We want him to maintain relations with the people he already knows and branch out to new and young members of the community that are not as familiar with Ben Wyatt as mayor.


The goal is to show Ben Wyatt’s capability for remaining in office and making him more personable by getting back in the community both in person and online to further building relationships with citizens. To make him more accessible, he has also become more active on social media to reach other citizens of Auburn.

Research Conducted

Many names and facts in this campaign are made up; however, this campaign is about the re-election of the mayor of Auburn. We researched about the current mayor and used his accomplishments to match the accomplishments of our client. Other important issues, values and demographics of Auburn were researched and used for the campaign.

Please check out the 10 communication pieces that we used for the strategic campaign.