Animated GIF

A Forever Loop

“Sunday Funday”

About the Creation

My animated GIF was created through Adobe Photoshop. I imported a video that I took on my iPhone and grabbed 54 frames from the original video. Once I grabbed the frames, I sped up each frame by one-hundredth of a second. After additional editing, I saved and exported the video as a GIF. Creating an animated GIF like this one will be a great asset to have when starting my public relations career.

Room for Imagination

This video shows the engine starting up, and within a matter of seconds the plane makes its way towards the taxiway. The original video shows the entire taxi and take off. It is a forever loop to the beginning of an adventure, and it leaves the viewer to imagine the rest of the flight. With the beautiful scenery in the background, you can tell it was about to be a beautiful flight!

The Story Behind the Frames

Let me share the story behind this photo. My father flies for a living, and during the previous summer, the engine was overhauled in one of their military trainer planes. To be more specific for the aircraft fanatics out there, this plane is a 1939 Stearman Model 75. The open-cockpit aircraft can carry two people including the pilot.

This plane is where the saying “flying by the seat of your pants” comes from. The pilot sits in the back while the passenger sits in the front. When shooting a landing approach, the pilot cannot see directly in front of the airplane, so the pilot must simply “feel” the approach. Naturally, my father took me along for a ride over our little town of Troy.

All in all, I chose this video of my father flying a Stearman because flying and gaining knowledge about various types of aircraft has been a major part of my life due to my father’s career.