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The interactive PDF above is essentially my interactive resume and portfolio. My resume is only one page, but this interactive PDF contains 23 pages. It takes my resume and provides more detail about my experience, involvement, graphics and skills. With each page, I provided a picture or a logo to associate with each item. With the courtesy of the Auburn University College of Liberal Arts, University Program Council, PRSSA, Jonathan McConnell, U.S. Congressman Gary Palmer and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce, I used their pictures in the interactive PDF.


To create this interactive PDF, I bought a template and used Adobe InDesign to make edits. I used simple fonts to counteract the loud design, and they are also easy to read. I would like to think that the bright design symbolizes my future in public relations. The table of contents are linked to each topic, and my website and contact information are also linked at the end of the PDF.

This interactive PDF is more extensive than my resume but falls short of the information provided on my website. I hope that by reading this interactive PDF, it will give you a quick summary of my professional skills and involvement.