PR Writing Media Kit

Instruments and Kids

About the Project

For my public relations writing class, I wrote for a hypothetical client throughout the semester. I created a hypothetical client called Instruments and Kids, which was founded by the band, The Oaks. Instruments and Kids is a nonprofit organization in Charlotte, North Carolina, that combats the cut of liberal arts classes in public schools, specifically music. The organization raises funds and awareness of the importance of music education, and they also provide instruments and music lessons after school for underprivileged children.

Communications Director

As the communications director of Instruments and Kids, it was my job to communicate to the local community, schools and media about who we are and what we do. The project included a backgrounder of the organization and a media advisory regarding a change in policy. I also wrote a news release about an annual community concert and a feature about the founders of the organization.


Through this project, I also learned how to set up a WordPress website to display my media kit to future employers. The media kit includes a backgrounder, news release, media advisory and feature. You can view the media kit online by clicking here.