Southern Way

Southern Way


By using my Adobe InDesign skills, I created a 16-page magazine featuring published works I completed throughout the semester. This magazine contains six compiled articles that were featured on Auburn Family and Extension Daily. For each story, I utilized AP style and practiced concise writing. The topics of each written story vary. They range from Miss Auburn’s platform and passions to raised bed garden guidelines. Each story shows more about who I am and what I enjoy writing about. All in all, this magazine shows everything I have learned this semester compiled into one item.


While creating the magazine format, I kept text columns symmetrical and added photos, drop caps, pull quotes and other features. The colors I chose for the cover are shades of blue, brown and orange. The title of each story is a color that matches the topic. I wanted to create a magazine that was simple, and the pops of color add to the life of the magazine. The fonts used throughout are also simple and easy to read. My vision for this magazine was to reflect my style and personality while keeping fonts, colors and style simple and professional.


I chose to call my magazine Southern Way because while the topics of each story vary, they all tell a story about life in the south, specifically Alabama. The font and colors used for the title were chosen because they display my personal style. I write only in cursive, and my favorite accent colors are browns and blues. They are also colors that I choose to decorate with.

Happy Reading

"The Inspiration Behind Ashley Moates' Big Dream," "Three Students Who Did Not Want the Typical Spring Break" and "5 Reasons Why Students Should Be Excited for the Mell Classroom Building" are all published on Auburn Family.

Extension Daily articles that are scheduled to be published later in the summer include the following: "Raised Bed Gardening in the South," "Proper Care for Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds and Feeders" and "Alabama 4-H Opportunities Continue Empowering Youth." Stay tuned.

Please review my finished magazine below. All images that do not belong to me have been given credit in each caption. After reading my magazine, I hope that you can better understand my writing style as well as my personality. These stories can also be found on my personal blog by clicking here. Enjoy!

Click here for the PDF Version.